Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring started the environmental movement.

Untying the Yellow Ribbon aims to be the catalyst to spark a movement to rebuild America, starting from a place every American can agree.... No one wants to lose another generation of veterans like we did after Vietnam.

97% of Americans Agree About Today’s Military Coming Home

After more than a decade of war and years of economic stress, Americans are looking for a way to come together and something to feel good about. Army Ranger Cory Remsburg’s two minute standing ovation was described as “the unifying moment” of the 2014 State of the Union Address.  A June 3 Washington Post/ABC News Poll revealed that 97% of Americans believe the VA scandal is "serious" and 82% believe it is "very serious."

So if we can all agree on this one issue, how do we channel that momentum to rebuild a genuine sense of community that helps today’s military transition and pays if forward for everyone else?

Will you join the movement?

Untying the Yellow Ribbon: Transforming How Veterans and Communities Thrive provides the roadmap to create a movement to rebuild an America we can all feel good about. Gretchen Martens, affectionately known as “The Veteran Lady,” has worked for six years to be the catalyst. The compass is America’s resolve to untie the yellow ribbons as lovingly as we put them up. Saying “thank you for your service” just isn’t enough this time.